Privacy Policy:

Lean Lab (“LL”) is firmly committed to follow highly ethical privacy policy followed in the industry. LL do not sell or lease user information to third parties

Collection of information
We collect information from various users (registered and unregistered) to provide various services in our websites( and its sub domains henceforth will be referred as “kovaideals”). These include,but may not be limited to name, email id, phone numbers, address, password, advertisements, postings, classifieds,and other regional specific useful information.

Use of information
The collected information is used by LL to provide better services and user experience for our users
Modifications to the information
LL provides support to the users to access, modify, and delete information provided atany time by contacting us through [email protected]

When you use Kovaideals, we may automatically collect limited information about your computer,network, through cookies or other means to understand the users and their interest better so as to providebetter service. We do not share this information we collect to third parties and it is for the sole internaluse of LL

Kovaideals contains links to other websites. LL is not responsible for the terms, conditions,privacy practices or the contents of such websites. LL do not take any responsibility for the opinions ofthird parties expressed on or through our website.

Protection of your personal information
Personal information provided by the user is stored by LL in secured servers and access isrestricted for the authorized personnel only. However, LL cannot guarantee complete security when youtransmit the personal information through internet as the data pass through multiple public servers connectedin the internet. But, once the data reaches us, we provide adequate measures to avoid misuse, loss,unauthorised access, modification, deletion or disclosure

LL may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on change of policy in our company orfeedback from our users. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact usat [email protected]

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